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Additional services

Aiming at offering our clients the most comprehensive solution for their translation needs, we offer several additional services and have the resources to work with various programs and tools, such as QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe PageMaker, Illustrator, Quark Express, PageStream, RagTime, Scribus, Microsoft Publisher, Apple Pages, CorelDraw, among others. The additional services we offer are:

Translation (localization) of graphs

Frequently, the documents to be translated include drawings, tables, figures, screen shots, and other graphical elements that must also be localized. We offer from the basic replacement of text in special formats, to the complete recreation of complex graphics.

Screen shots

Many documents include screen shots, images of the computer screen displaying a dialog box or another software element. This is especially important in documents related to software products, sites and systems. After the software product, site of system has been translated, we are able to capture and insert the necessary screen shots to offer our clients a complete final product in the target language.

Desktop publishing

When dealing with translation, we understand Desktop Publishing (or DTP) as the process of finishing the document so the final result is as close as possible to the original document received for translation. This involves verifying and adjusting the formatting, character and paragraph styles, page numbering, generation or updating of tables of contents and indexes, insertion of shots of translated screens, and even the editing of diagrams, photos and other image elements. At CTribst, we offer DTP services not only for the finishing of documents, but also for the generation of final files for printing or publishing on the web.

Generation of files for printing

After the editing and review of the translated document we are able to generate final files ready for printing or publishing on the web.

Visual test of the translated system

After translating a software or system we can do a visual test of the screens to check if all the texts are translated and correctly positioned, without undesired or truncated breaks.

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