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Transcription and subtitling

When we think of Transcription and Subtitling we always associate the work with the legend of a movie or series, but it is much more than just that.

Transcription is the act of turning audio content into editable text. We can transcribe interviews, meetings, lectures, telephone recordings as well as institutional and commercial films.

The quality and difficulty of the transcription depends directly on some factors: the quality of the audio, number of interlocutors, existence of ambient sound, use of specific vocabulary of an area, among others.

The result of transcription depends directly on its use, and can be:

Literal – in which all content is transcribed, including any errors, and background sounds;

Simple – only the spoken content is presented, with the errors and pauses presented;

Revised – content is revised to fit the cultured language standard;

Adapted – content is modified to meet time and quantity requirements of characters;

Subtitling consists in the creation and insertion of subtitles written in videos, and is usually the result of an adapted transcription. The quality of subtitling is directly related to the amount of audio speech per minute of film. The faster the speech or the greater the number of people speaking simultaneously, the more difficult it is to produce a caption.

The caption can be delivered in an editable file with timestamps or recorded directly in the video file.

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